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Money Talks: Open Topic April

We’ve made it to April in 2021. We’ve got some IRS tax tips to share, some April buy and not to buy suggestions. But this is just chit chat between your calls and emails. It’s an Open Topic show.

In the News:

  • IMF forcast for global growth
  • Yeld curve

Observances in April:

  • Fair Housing Month
  • Financial Literacy Month
  • National Financial Capability Month
  • National Internship Awareness Month
  • Money Smart Week - April 10-17, 2021
  • Global Work From Home Day - April 10
  • International Financial Independence Awareness Day - April 25

Ways to gain financial literacy:

IRS Tweet Tips - see cute puppies and funny graphics in their twitter feed:

Income taxes due: May 17, 2021 for federal and state returns

What to buy and not buy in April?

Do Buy

  • Car Parts and Accessories: April is National Car Care Month, so auto parts stores and service centers will be running promotions. Even if you don't need any major work done, it's usually a good time to take a vehicle in for a tune-up; check brakes, wipers, and tires; and shop for car accessories.
  • Jewelry: Bling just might be the thing to buy in April. With the Valentine's Day bump a distant memory, jewelers are ready to compete for tax-refund money by offering low prices to get customers in the door.
  • Mother's Day Gifts: Speaking of jewelry, early April is also the moment to get a head start on Mother's Day shopping. You can lock in a good price on flowers by ordering a month in advance. Take advantage of deals on chocolate and other treats after Easter. Mass-market chocolate will quickly go on sale but you might also find discounts from higher-end brands like Godiva, too.
  • Home Improvement Supplies: With spring in the air, many do-it-yourselfers are ready to tackle some projects they let slide over the winter. While demand is high, so is competition, making it possible for enterprising homeowners to snag some great deals this time of year. Deals have covered everything from lawn mowers to mulch to patio furniture.
  • Spring Apparel: Retailers are ready to clear out spring apparel to make room for summer duds. That means shoulder-season clothing — think jackets, lightweight sweaters, and long-sleeve T-shirts — will be going on sale.
  • Cookware: Retailers typically feature April promotions on pots, pans, and cooking tools in time for bridal showers, weddings, and college graduations and Mother's Day.
  • Secondhand Goods: Spring cleaning yields loads of donations to thrift stores, so take a break from your own chores to check out a fresh array of secondhand clothing, home decor, and other deals from stores. Smart thrift-store shopping tips include buying off-season for the best selection. Vintage clothing is always in style, and cheap home decor and pieces can often be repurposed.
  • National Park Trips: National Park Week runs from April 17-25, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate, including free admission to any national park on April 17th! Visit the National Park Service website to search for special park events happening near you.


Don’t Buy

  • Skip: Grills - Although outdoor temperatures are climbing and many people are itching to barbecue, waiting until July or August to buy a cheap grill pays off.
  • Skip: Mattresses - Mattresses seem to be perpetually on sale, but with no "shopping holidays" in April, they're less likely to be discounted. If you can hold off, you'll find much better mattress deals once Memorial Day rolls around at the end of May.
  • Skip: Kitchen appliances : Appliance deals abound during Memorial Day sales in May, so if you can, let April come and go before you buy a refrigerator, a dishwasher or even a smaller kitchen appliance like a blender. Memorial Day is May 31 this year, but we predict sales will start a few days before the holiday and extend a few days after. Memorial Day appliance sales traditionally take place at home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.


  • corporate value and minimum wage
  • social security and working after 65

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