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email: money@mpbonline.orgMoney Talks airs Tuesday mornings at 9 Central Time on MPB Think Radio and over the internet at mpbonline.orgMoney Talks focuses on personal finance as it applies to Mississippians. In any given

Money Talks: Vocabulary

We throw around financial terms on Money Talks. Maybe you’re familiar with them or maybe you’re not. We’ll talk today about some vocabulary that’s good to know. We also answer questions that relate to your personal finances.In the news:streamingtwitterTerms:APRBlue Book ValueCOBRADRIPescrowJoint tenancy with right of survivorship verses tenancy in commonLiabilityLoadNonmarital agreementTerm life insurance verses whole life insuranceAn official website of the United States government is consumer It’s part of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Click on their Consumer Education tab to learn more about money topics. to Merriam, the term “check” which refers to something that is used for verifying accuracy, authenticity, correctness began as a detachable stub – like a claim check. “Check” was first applied to the detachable stub in the early 18th century and then to the bank draft—the written order directing a bank to pay money as instructed. Merriam :The term as applied to the stock market derives from the actual use of blue chips in another type of game of stakes—poker. This quote from an 1874 edition of The San Francisco Chronicle nicely connects the two:If times are good and the market flourishing, the game may be played with ‘blue chips,’ as a gambler would say, the very high-priced stocks being the favorites.Blue chips in poker have the highest value, with red and white chips as lower denominations.

Money Talks: Travel 2022

Are you ready to travel? With restrictions and procedures changing back and forth you might need a little assistance. Need help selecting and booking a vacation? Would you like to experience a city like a local? We’ll learn about different services travel professionals can offer with our guest Jane Halbert Jones from More Than A Tourist. Ryder is on hand to answer your personal finance questions. Affiliate of Magnolia Travel Group Travel Group is a concierge travel agency offering our clients custom & unforgettable travel experiences. of 04/12/2022: According to the TSA: At the CDC’s recommendation, TSA will extend the security directive for mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs through April 18th. During that time, CDC will work with government agencies to help inform a revised policy framework for when, and under what circumstances, masks should be required in the public transportation corridor. We will communicate any updates publicly if and/or when they change. of 04/12/2022: The CDC has a page for travel notices. CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Venezuela. Everyone should be fully vaccinated against polio before visiting a long list of countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. is one website that lists some of the marker trails throughout Mississippi. Our state has markers for trails about Mississippi History, Country Music, Writers, Blues Music, Freedom Trail, Mound Trail, and the United States Civil Rights Trail. Bonds: MT 08/17/22 Travel