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Money Talks: Unemployment 2021

Guests: MDES Executive Director, Jackie Turner, Deputy Executive Director-General Counsel, John Garrett, and Director, Office of ReEmployment Assistance, Erma Cook

Hosts: Dr. Nancy Lottridge-Anderson, President of New Perspectives and Ryder Taff, portfolio manager at New Perspectives. Nancy and Ryder are both Chartered Financial Analysts and Ryder also holds the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement from the CFA Institute. 601-493-9427

There is no fee for Unemployment Services through MDES. They do not solicit payments on social media and employees are prohibited from using social media to assist customers. If you are asked to pay a fee for these services, DO NOT PAY the fee and report this to MDES.

If someone filed an unemployment claim using your information report this immediately to MDES. Beware of scams aiming to steal your personal information. Claimants should only use the agency’s official website: to give out personal information. 

Some customers were issued additional benefit payments in excess of the amount to which they were entitled. Those affected have been issued a notice of overpayment. You are entitled only to benefits for which you are eligible. You must repay all benefits that are overpaid even if you were paid in error. Overpayments are legally enforceable debts.

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance - PUA 
  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)
  • Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation
  • WIN Job Centers 

  • credit card offers
  • taxes on unemployment
  • re-use prospective unemployers
  • opening financial accounts for minors
  • tax forms
  • Ticket to Work
  • unemployment appeal
  • how long does unemploment last
  • Innovate MS for job resources
  • can not contribute to an IRA with only unemployment income
  • keep records

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Money Talks: A Year of Money Talks

It’s time to review all the topics we’ve covered on Money Talks in the past 12 months. If you’ve missed any episodes, we’ll give you the flavor of some of the episodes so you can find the ones that interest you on our podcast.Last Spring, we talked a lot about current events each week. We had guests from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, we talked about fraud and the Cares Act and the Economic Impact Payments. We had a guest from Edmunds dot com talk about new car buying. A guest from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. The executive director of Mississippi Food Network.Nancy remarked on the information that MDES gave us so often and so willingly for the first of three shows on 04/07/20.Kevin like the car buying show on 04/28/20 and fraud show on 04/14/20 that we were able to share with our listners.Producer, Liz, like the MS Food Network information from 06/02/20.In the Summer and Fall we had less Open Topics shows and more personal finance broadcasts. We recapped those organization providing pandemic financial assistance.We discussed different types of investment professionals, day trading, money saving tips, credit cards, the S and P 500, and mindful spending.We had guests discuss Social Security, home buying, flexible jobs, the Census, MDES, bankruptcy. Our Mississippi Treasurer talked about his agency.Nancy talked about the finanical videos she and her husband made during 2020. Also the Real Estate Investment broadcast on 11/17/20Kevin remarked on the helpfulness of Shawn Mercer from Social Security on 07/07/20 and our Mississippi Treasurer on 09/15/20.Liz, enjoyed the money mindfulness broadcast on 10/27/20.From the holidays to now, Money Talks covered: CDs, cutting expenses, the baby steps of investing, stock fragments, GameStop, free goods and services, and minimum wage.Our guests helped us talk about real estate investment, community foundations, more Social Security, financial education available from the Extension Service,more MDES, and student loans.Nancy talked about the listener driven inspiration for our minimum wage broadcast on 03/16/21.Kevin liked the investing baby steps from 01/19/21 and cutting expenses show on 11/24/20 for "starter" shows for listeners.Liz like learning about the education opportunities from the Extension Service on 12/22/20.