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Money Talks: Social Security 2021

We’ve got one of our long-time guests on the show today – Shawn Mercer, from the Social Security Administration. He’ll take your social security questions. Our expert hosts take your personal finance questions.

The social security administration has gotten nimble with looking up baby names. You can read the top national names. You can look up the top 100 names per state. You can also look up the most popular names by year.

There are 23 Social Security Offices in Mississippi.

The phone number for Social Security in Jackson is 1-866-331-8135

For Olive Branch the phone number is 1-866-739-4771

If you need to reach the Gulfport office, you can call 1-877-897-0609

If you like little tips and tricks about social security, when you go to the ssa dot gov website – if you scroll to the bottom and click on “Connect with us – Blog” you’ll find informational articles from time to time.


  • getting married
  • unemployment benefits
  • 62 year old
  • how much can you earn?
  • SSDI increase
  • RMD
  • disability time limit
  • remarried and benefits
  • ex-spouse benefits
  • RMD
  • kids and disability
  • social security "year"
  • can payment date be moved?
  • divorced

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