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Money Talks: Pandemic Student Loans

Do you still have student loans? Do your grandchildren have student loans? Our guest today is Bruce McClary from the Nation Foundation for Credit Counseling. We’ll learn how the pandemic is affecting student loans and what to expect for those about to enter higher education.

Call the Nation Foundation for Credit Counseling about student loans at 1-877-406-6322 or the general number 800.388.2227


  • You can stop paying on your student loan until Sept. of 2021. Or direct your payments to principal only for federal loans. No benefits for private loans.
  • Check your annual credit report to see that your loan amount is being accounted for correctly. FREE CREDIT REPORTS AVAIALBLE WEEKLY UNTIL 04/2022
  • Student loan benefits may be in unpassed legislation.
  • Income driven repayment options
  • Public service loan forgiveness options
  • More information at where you can find a student loan simulator to determine the best repayment program for you.


  • forgivenss on interest? (no, just principal)
  • want a job with a security clearance - manage your money well
  • interest on interest

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