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Money Talks: Open Topic Dec 2021

Do you have a question about recent financial news? Do you have a question about your own person finances? Today’s a great day to contact us. It’s an Open Topic Day. 

  • The pause on student loan repayment initially put into place under former President Donald Trump and twice extended by Biden is set to expire on Jan. 31. 
  • The last of the child tax credit from the American Rescue plan were sent out last week. 
  • The Federal Reserve said last week that interest rates will stay near zero for now.
  • “10 Surefire Tax Tips For Year-End 2021”
  • January typically has discounts on bedding and linens, fitness equipment, and TV and electronics – those just before the Super Bowl.
  • Many of the nation’s largest banks are cutting overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees for customers in 2022. Lawmakers and regulators have criticized banks for penalizing already cash-strapped customers.

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