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Money Talks: New Year

New Year means a new start for good habits. Let’s talk about your money plans for 2022. What are your savings goals? Your retirement contribution goals? Do you have a budget to help you achieve these goals? 

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  • If you receive extra money
  • New financial contribution limits
  • Look over last year's financial plan
  • Budget

Is eating out “eating” into your ability to save? By planning meals to eat at home or bring from home, you might be able to put more money towards savings or retirement.

Apple TV plus, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Hulu, Discovery Plus. Do you pay for each of these? Some of these? What could you do without to save money each month?

Do you still need life insurance now? Is your car over insured? Is your homeowner’s insurance at the correct amount? Take some time to check over your insurance to see if you can save yourself some money.

Podcast just on budgeting. Look for that from September 17th of 2019.


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