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Money Talks: New Credit Freeze Encore

With identity and data theft on the rise, we’d like to suggest what you can do now and if you are informed of a data breach. 


  • Ida on the economy
  • COVID on the economy
  • how to get a credit report
  • what will they ask
  • why freeze creating new credit
  • after you freeze your credit
  • if your credit report is wrong
  • check your Social Security Information at

You might not be able to keep your data from being stolen but we’ve got tips on what to do if it is. These are tips anyone can use to protect their bank account, the retirement, their credit record. ?

  1. Change your passwords                
  2. Sign up for two-factor authentication
  3. Check for updates from the company
  4. Watch your accounts, check your credit reports
  5. Consider identity theft protection services
  6. Freeze your credit

Cyber Security podcast from Aug. 9the 2019

Check your credit report:

Phone numbers for the 3 credit reporting bureaus:

Equifax:1 (888) 766-0008             

Experian:1 (888) 397-3742  

TransUnion:1 (800) 680-7289

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