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Money Talks: Decade Before Retirement

Do you dream of retiring from your job? No so fast. We have a list of boxes to “check off” in the decade before you make this dream a reality. The final decade before retirement is an opportunity to strengthen a retirement plan and tie up any remaining details that can help secure your future. 

Brighthouse Financial published an article that will be our guide for our discussion today: A Checklist for the Decade Before Your Retirement Date

Our experts discuss their suggestions:

  1. Review your savings.
  2. Adjust your investment mix.
  3. Make a plan to pay off debt.
  4. Estimate retirement expenses.
  5. Examine options to cover medical costs
  6. Develop a retirement income plan.
  7. Review options for Social Security.
  8. Develop a plan for enrolling in government benefit programs. 

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