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Money Talks: Day Trading

What is Day Trading? Is it risky? Can anyone do it?

Hear Ryder and Nancy's opinions.

We also talked about a cashless society / the coin shortage.

Calls concerned:

  • cashless - discriminatory?
  • why wouldn't a store want to take cash
  • not all sales are belief that stock is going down
  • buyer beware
  • Katrina caused a cash only society

According to the new server Reuters: Major U.S. brokerages that reported quarterly results this week cheered the self-directed day trading happening on their platforms as individuals with a bit of extra money and time on their hands during the coronavirus pandemic have been engaging more in markets.

According to the website Smart Asset dot com, here are the The Best Day Trading Apps of 2019: TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Robinhood, Acorns, and Acorns. The article lists 8 in total, each with their own special feature.

Is day trading just online gambling? We’ll let you decide.,odds%20on%20a%20regular%20basis.

Dangers of Day Trading

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