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Money Talks: Credit Unions

We hope our listeners are familiar with some of the different types of financial institutions. Many in Mississippian aren’t. Many of us are un-banked. Money Talks going to talk about Credit Unions today with our guests from Hope Credit Union.

Felicia Lyles, HOPE Senior Vice President of Retail Operations and Carrus King, HOPE Vice President and a Branch Manager of Hope Credit Union will tell us how they are trying to help educate Mississippians against predatory lending and the benefits of having a banking relationship. Ryder will be taking your general personal finance questions.

Jackson branch of Hope Credit Union 601-965-7100


  • GE stock
  • Hope history
  • Transformational deposits
  • Member benefits
  • Services availalble
  • Unbanked
  • Predatory lending


  • infrastructure
  • home loans with student loan debt
  • how to invest

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