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Money Talks: Gig Economy

Do you have a part time gig? Do you have many part time gigs as your only source of income?

We have some helpful tips for those who are looking to increase their income and some cautions for those who aren't considered "employees". 

Remember: if you aren't an employee, you probably aren't having Social Security, State and Federal Taxes with held from your payment. You are responsible for paying those amounts in each quarter. 

There are a few tests that must be passed to determine if a worker is an employee or if they are an independent contractor: has a list of 15 Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money and web links to get you started:

1. Ride Share/Delivery Driver

2. Household Helper/Personal Assistant

3. Care Giver

4. Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

5. Customer Service Representative

6. Get a Freelance Gig

7. Rent Your Extra Space

8. Sell Your Stuff

9. Get Some Micro Jobs

10. Participate in Research Studies or Focus Group

11. Organizer/Mover

12. Party Planner

13. Work for a Caterer

14. Tutoring

15. Work at a Market or Festival

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